Charter Services


R44 Raven I & II / Clipper I & II

Seats 3 passengers + Pilot

Fuel: 16 GPH

   Cargo hook weight: 800 lbs


R66 Turbine Marine

Seats 4 passengers + Pilot

Fuel: 24 GPH

                  Cargo hook weight: 1000 lbs                



We have a 90ft motor yacht that we can land a helicopter on the top deck, the lower deck is capable of holding thousands of pounds of gear and supplies. This vessel can also accommodate 13 crew members with comfortable beds, 4 showers, full kitchen and a lounging area. Scorpius has a range of 5,200 miles before having to refuel, this vessel also has a low fuel consumption of only 400 gallons for 24 hours. This may be a good option for remote jobs, and research projects. Scorpius is also available for private groups looking to explore Alaska in a unique way.

Please contact our office about charter rates and availability at (907) 225-4354 or send us a email at


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