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Want to view a potential property or project? 

We are very familiar with remote logistics such as refueling, construction, and communication support. 

Helicopter Air Alaska offers charter services to remote areas for seasonal work, fisheries, and wildlife capture/survey. Our company specializes in external loads such as raw materials, snowmobile recovery, and downed aircraft recovery. 

Our pilots are very skilled making it effortless to get perfect aerial photography and videography via helicopter. We have experience doing aerial photography/videography flights for magazines, television, and commercial surveying.

In addition, we have a support vessel available for charter that is a good option for environmental studies, remote refueling and transferring, and natural disaster support. This vessel is also available for private groups looking to explore Alaska in a unique way.

We are always open to expanding our scope of work, so if you don’t see the service you are looking for, give our office a call to discuss what we can do to assist you. 

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       R44 Raven I & II / Clipper I & IIIMG_3426

Seats 3 passengers + Pilot

Fuel: 16 GPH

   Cargo hook weight: 800 lbs

      R66 Turbine MarineIMG_3881

Seats 4 passengers + Pilot

Fuel: 24 GPH

     Cargo hook weight: 1000 lbs 


We have a 90ft motor yacht that we can land a helicopter on the top deck of, the lower deck is capable of holding thousands of pounds of gear and supplies. This vessel can accommodate 13 crew members with comfortable beds, 4 showers, a full kitchen and a lounging area. Scorpius has a range of 5,200 miles before having to refuel, this vessel also has a low fuel consumption of only 400 gallons for 24 hours.

Please contact our office about charter rates and availability at (907) 225-4354 or send us a email at

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