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Helicopter Air Alaska

Helicopter Tours & Charter Services in Ketchikan, Alaska

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Helicopter Air Alaska

Helicopter Tours & Charter Services in Ketchikan, Alaska


Binoculars Book a Tour!

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About Our Company

Helicopter Air Alaska offers a variety of scenic helicopter tours and charter services in Ketchikan during the late spring through the summer months. We are a small crew that is a branch of the respected and well-established Pollux Aviation based out of Wasilla, Alaska. We are extremely passionate about giving the best possible experience for every visitor that comes to our amazing state. Book your helicopter tour of Alaska now!

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Soaring Reviews!

You should seriously experience this.

An absolutely incredibly smooth, comfortable, and amazing experience. You will want to spend as much time as possible up there when you go.

– Jason Z | Viator
Definitely Recommend

We came to Alaska last year but this time we did a helicopter ride with Helicopter Air Alaska. The whole crew was amazing, and the pilot took us to see views that just cant be matched. I have a drone and love to see the views but this is nothing that compares to being there in person. Our eyes see so much more than a camera or picture could do justice. We saw huge waterfalls, mountains goats, and landed on one of the higher mountain tops to take in the views in their combo package. Well worth it.

– Jarrod D. | Facebook

My husband & I debated on doing a helicopter tour because it was really outside of the budget that we wanted to spent for our trip. We decided so splurge and I’m so glad we did! It was a surreal moment for both of us. I felt safe the entire time and did truly feel “on top of the world”. And as a bonus we saw 2 black bears. I definitely recommend doing a helicopter tour with Ketchikan Helicopter Tour Group!

– emilybZ | TripAdvisor
What a Thrill!

The helicopter tour we had booked in Skagway was canceled due to weather and that was our good luck! My sister and I had this one chance to see some of Alaska by air! Having never ridden in a helicopter, Zack and Tyler assured me along the way! And what a ride! This new company is such a winner! Well run, available and reasonable. It was 30 minutes of pure joy! We will be talking of this for months to come!!! Thanks, Helicopter Air Alaska!

– Florida Mommy | Trip Advisor
Best Gift Ever !

My wife gave me a gift of a lifetime for my birthday! During our Alaskan cruise my wife surprised me with an incredible Top of the World Helicopter Tour in Ketchikan. It was by far the best excursion ever , we had a clear sunny day with almost next to no wind , a great day to fly . Simon, our helicopter pilot was so great , his knowledge of aviation and Ketchikan was superb. I highly recommend this to you adventurers out there , it definitely scratched out a bucket list for my wife and I . Best gift ever !!!!

– Jaime_J | Viator